Most advertising and communications agencies would not be asked or have the ability to change votes, pass legislation, reallocate room taxes, fund a convention center expansion, get a stadium built and help broker the naming rights, acquire an NFL team … and then market that NFL team to a city that never imagined in a million years, that it would have an NFL Team … until now.


We used every single discipline at R&R to make it happen. And when we say every discipline, we mean disciplines that advertising agencies don’t have … to do things they can’t do.

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NFL teams change cities. That isn’t new. A storied NFL team coming to Las Vegas, however, was thought to be impossible. Not only were we a pariah to the league because of sports gaming, but we also needed funding for a stadium. To get that funding, we needed two-thirds of the state legislators to call a special session. Then we needed the passage of two intertwined bills that would change room tax revenues and their allocations.

They needed 42 votes. They only had 22.

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We developed a full-scale, targeted communications campaign that flipped the pervasive negative sentiment about the project onto its head. In merely three weeks, our Win-Win Nevada team developed a tagline and accompanying logo, website, collateral, out-of-home and social media campaigns in addition to speeches, testimonials and videos. And, behind the scenes, we worked on getting votes.

The results were powerful: A new stadium that would house the Raiders, and bring 40,000 construction jobs, an injection of $1.4 billion into the local economy, an additional $32 million in education dollars annually, a major expansion of the convention center keeping Las Vegas as the No. 1 destination for meetings and conventions in the country, and a new future for Las Vegas.


Construction Jobs


For the Local Economy


To Benefit Education Annually


Publicity Value


Online Impressions

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But it didn’t end there. There is more to creating a home for an NFL team than just building a stadium. The Raiders are a storied franchise, and Las Vegas is a legendary destination. So, we embraced and intertwined the history of both icons while giving a nod to the team and city of the future. The TWO LEGACIES, ONE FUTURE campaign forever fused the Silver and Black to the neon-laced community of Las Vegas, letting the world know that nothing would ever be the same.


And it isn’t.

Allegiant Stadium and the Las Vegas Raiders were the touchstones for creating a Las Vegas that dominates the world of sports and events, starting with the expansion of the NHL and WNBA to Las Vegas with the championship winning Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Aces, the NFL Draft, Super Bowl LVIII, and Formula One Racing. R&R has been an integral part of it all, from building stadiums to selling season tickets to event planning, negotiating, marketing and more. We are proud to say we are making the phrase we coined a reality. We are building … THE GREATEST ARENA ON EARTH.