Puerto Rico has world-class beaches, dining and entertainment, but so do Puerto Rico’s more than 20 Caribbean competitors. At the same time, after facing the pandemic, earthquakes and Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was at the bottom of that consideration list as far as tourists were concerned.

We knew we needed something unique, authentic and ownable that would increase visitation and unite the people of Puerto Rico behind the message.

With everything Puerto Rico was facing, it seemed like we needed a miracle.

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Post-pandemic, our research showed that consumers needed more than a simple escape. Instead, they wanted authentic experiences that would last a lifetime. They wanted immersion and a lifelong story over a souvenir and a selfie.

Our approach was simple. We decided to redefine travel by focusing on the people and culture instead of the place. While others settled on pretty pictures, we would bring something deeper.

There is no hurricane stronger than the people of Puerto Rico. And immediately after this is done, we will stand back up.”

Governor Ricardo Roselló

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Puerto Ricans have a warm and welcoming spirit. Boricua is how they describe this spirit. They are Boricua. It’s a way of life. A state of mind. And the only way you can experience it is by visiting and interacting with the people. So, we introduced a word, a culture and a way of life.

They are Boricua. They live Boricua.

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This authentic expression is an invitation to visitors to experience this for themselves and show how travel allows us to live differently and gain inspiration from the people and cultures we interact with.

The campaign was launched across integrated platforms in May 2022 and has positively impacted the destination and its people, which drove record-breaking economic growth while supporting local businesses and communities. Most importantly, it has been embraced and championed by the people of Puerto Rico themselves.

The results were historic.

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Not only were 72% inspired to learn more about Puerto Rico as a destination, but also about its people and culture.

We didn’t just increase consideration to visit, we changed the reason why.

But the number we’re most proud of is the 90% of Puerto Ricans who say they are proud to share their culture with visitors.

And the likelihood to visit Puerto Rico in the next 12 months rose 22%.











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The likelihood to visit Puerto Rico continues to grow as we build a future where the beaches, sunsets and entertainment are just backdrops to a way of life that feeds the soul of both visitors and locals.