Today, Allegiant is the most profitable airline in the sky and a burgeoning lifestyle brand. Much of that success came from the work ignited in response to a crisis where the airline was faced with a devastating 60 Minutes story on the safety of Allegiant planes.

With the potential of spiraling stock prices and major cancellations, we launched Together We Fly, employing a mix of crisis management and marketing in just four weeks. The campaign featured uniquely authentic Allegiant brand ambassadors along with a simple fact about the safety of Allegiant – the airline saw zero fatalities during its existence of flying over 90 million people.

“Together We Fly.”

Immediately after the launch of the Together We Fly campaign, Allegiant had four days of the most bookings in its history.

For R&R, the goal was to change the narrative and reintroduce Allegiant in a way that was authentic and rallied around their customers.

Additional campaign results:


Increase in website traffic overnight


Increase in conversions


Year-over-year rise in digital users


rise in new digital users


Completed video views in first six weeks


fliers and growing

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